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Monday, April 28, 2008


How often do you get something like this?

It's my first cracked twin eggs ever. I've seen others before, but as far as I remember (which in fact isn't that far) this is the first I cracked open myself.

It's a pity they couldn't have lived together. Well, at least they did die together, no? hehe..

And they died happily ever after..


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brace Yourselves Travelers

Get ready for the extreme people. Recently, US airports are installing new TSA scanners that produce a 3D image of your naked body. They've already had them installed in JFK and LAX, which I'm sure all of you guys are headed towards. Sure it's for security, but is this actually necessary? Highly debatable. Here's a sneak peak of that scanner.

Are we ready for something like this?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chronic Malaysian Papers

You can tell when a newspaper is in it's chronic stages when even the smallest of news hits the head lines.

Berita Harian recently reported about a grandma being attacked by a fox. Read here.

Come on, even Hustler can come up with better stories!

Who knows, at this rate, one day Malaysian papers might even cover stories of musang makan ayam belakang rumah. Just wait and see.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Authentic Malaysian Cuisine

Who's in for some authentic Malaysian cuisine? I know I am! Emm... Yummy!!

Who can resist that? Just by merely looking can make my mouth drool craving for some. Been living in the US for 3 years now, I've certainly had my preference for Malaysian food over western dishes. That's human for you, always wanting something more.

Fact is, here, you obviously can't go out to a mamak or any by-the-road restaurant and order some roti canai or nasi lemak for that matter. Here, you want it, you have to cook it (or suruh orang yg pandai buat).

And that's exactly what I have to do. It comes as a benefit actually. Because now, among the dishes I've cooked so far are, and not limited to: nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, nasi ayam, pulut kuning, masak lemak (ketam, ayam, and udang), gulai, masak merah, tandoori, sayur-mayur goreng, and so forth. Some are good (by my standards) and some are just plain mediocre.

I was surfing my school's friendster group the other day and saw this picture:

A plate of nasi goreng ayam with a bowl of soup (not shown). It automatically brought me back memories of the good old days in Dungun when we used to have have this at the 'Medan Selara' every time going outing. Craving for it, that same night I tried to cook something similar.

I'm not good with baking though. Don't really even dare to do so. That's Dollah's expertise. And jemput2 pisang? Leave that to Qayyum. What an expert he is in that! My next project is cooking nasi beriyani after the finals. Been waiting for the resipi though. hehe..

There's no doubt in the tastiness of Malaysian cuisine. But the question that comes to mind is, why isn't it popular anywhere but Malaysia? No disrespect, but Chinese food are said to be oily and all, but people still do tend to eat it. PF Chang actually even sells Singapore street noodles, which is probably only the same kind of noodles you can find anywhere in Malaysia. Vietnamese restaurants? You can find at least 3 near KNS. Even a particular Laos restaurant we all come to love in Antioch is called Vietnam by the Vandy people. And Thailand restaurants are growing like 'cendawan selepas hujan'. They're everywhere. There was one Ipoh restaurant opened by a Chinese Malaysian here in Nollensville Pike, but that didn't last long. Why are our neighboring countries' food so much more enjoyed by the outsiders compared to our own?

People who have actually lived in Malaysia, or that has at least tasted exotic Malaysian food really liked them very much. They even preferred Malaysian over the more famous Thai. A friend of mine was even asking us the recipe for sate one time.So there's no doubting the taste.

What I think is due to the lack of advertisement. The people of Malaysia, the government and the civilians don't go about promoting their food much compared to other people. This in part comes to the fact that tourism Malaysia isn't as famous as tourism Thailand, or tourism Singapore. Ask anyone, and they'll know Thailand and Singapore. They seem to neglect that piece of land in the middle we all call home.

So here, I'd like to encourage Malaysians all over the world to take pride in Malaysia's rich variety and delicate dishes. Advertise them! Serve authentic Malaysian cuisines to your friends. Let people know the taste that they'll never forget.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dragonball Finally Makes it Out to the Cinemas

Tell me anyone who hasn't heard of the famous Super-saiyan jin Son Goku and his pals in Dragonball? Or Mutiara Naga as we say it in Malay.

If there happens to be some out of this world people who really don't know about it, or anybody who'd like to refresh their memories, read here.

I've always enjoyed reading Dragonball manga, started reading them in standard 4. I still remembered the first edition I had (actually my father bought it for auzaie), it was #28, Goku against Fliza. It was truly love at first sight (or love at first reading to be precise). Once I started reading it, there was always an eagerness to find out what was going to happen next. And so more and more books were either bought or borrowed. Back then, the mangas were published once or twice a month and it cost RM3.50 or so. Waiting for an issue to come out was forever!

You can read the mangga issues 1-14 here.

Owh ya, I always bought the mangas secretly, i.e, I kept it between me and Auzaie. But my nosy sister (at that time) had to spoil the party and reported the 'serious issue' to my mother. As a result, the books were thrown away.. booohooo..

And to my surprise today, I found out that Hollywood was finally and actually making the long awaited Dragonball movie! YEAH!!

I remembered sometime in high school I read this Gempaq magazine and it said something about the DG movie coming out in 2007/08. Guess it never did. Hugh Jackman was supposed to be Goku but declined.

So, now the movie is in the status of post-production and the release date would be on 8 April 2009. The plot goes all the way back to when Goku was a young boy in his quest for dragonballs to prevent the evil Piccolo from obtaining them first. Sayang seribu sayang, since the plot was during that time, takde la Bezzita, Gohan and co. Among the cast, Goku is played by Justin Chatwin (The Invisible), Piccolo/Pikor/Nameck is played by James Marsters (orang jahat dalam Smallville).

Hopefully, this would be the first of a few more DG movies. They obviously need to have one with Bezzita, Gohan, Cell, Fliza, and the gang. I say there should be at least four sequences to that movie. But then again isn't four too odd a number for sequences?

What a Day

What a day it has proven out to be today!

Obviously the highlight of it was the brilliant performance by Liverpool that outclassed Arsenal in the Champions League quarter finals. Liverpool won the match thanks to goals from Hyypia's header, goal machine Torres, Gerrard's penalty, and Babel's last gasp effort. Arsenal scored a consolation goal early in the first half, through Diaby. Read more here and here. Sure the 85th minute penalty was soft, but a defeat courtesy of the away goal rule would be so cruel to Liverpool's cause. They had been outstanding and out shown Arsenal for 60 minutes (last 15 min of first half and all of the 2nd half).

Liverpool will march on to take Chelsea in the semi finals. It's worth noticing that Chelsea and Liverpool have played each other out in the semis of the CL two times in the last three years, with Liverpool emerging victorious on both occasions.

And tonight would be the last night for my MSE labs. No more late nights doing lab for me after this! hahah..

Earlier today, I received a cute pink card. Surprised to be receiving the card in the first place, I was even more surprised when I learned the sender. It was from the Vanderbilt Women's Club, thanking me for a 'generous gift of the Stapleton-Weaver Scholarshihp' (what ever that is). Obviously they sent it to the wrong person.

I also received a letter from a friend of mine, Julie Won. Apparently, she was going to Ghana on a ministry mission and was asking donations from people to support that cause. Included in that letter was a small piece of paper which I'm supposed to mail back to her. On that paper, I was to tick my choice of commitment to the cause, either by donations or by weekly prayers. Wow, in Christianity they actually have forms to fill out to give prayers. Quite amusing.

And finally, I'd like to introduce my brand new camcorder to the blogging world.

I've been searching far and wide for months to buy a camcorder before settling down with this one which I thought was bought at a bargain. InsyaAllah, this is the first of many appearances for my Sony DCR-SR45 Handycam. And may I use this camcorder for a good cause.

Friday, April 4, 2008

What to do?

It's April! Which means, I'll be on my way back to Malaysia (insyaAllah) in more or less one month. I just can't wait. Been planning so much things to do once I get back!

However, April also signals the havoc period. It's the month of the FINALS!! UUUUU... How well will I do in them? Well, it depends on what I do now. Which means, I'll have to cut on a few things. Blogging, of course. You won't be seeing many new post this month. No way Jose! And than there's many more things I have to cut also (don't wanna bore you by putting them here).

(These aren't my books by the way. Got them off the internet)

Herm.. What else? OK. Many terrible things happened during the past month. May this month be more peaceful and harmony, Ameen.

I think that's enough of my mumbling. I wanna write more, but heck, no one would like reading them anyway. Membazir tenaga je kalau tulis panjang2 pon. haha..

I haven't had blog post like this in a long time. I don't really like writing things about myself in my blogs. I just don't feel my life is so exciting that everyone wants to know about it. LOL! I mean, I'm no celebrity. But having one or two every once in a while won't hurt now, would it?

Akhir kata, good luck in your preparations for your finals, good luck in any exams/presentations you still have before the finals, and finally, good luck in your finals! May we all succeed in this life and in the here after. InsyaAllah.

Till we meet again, wassalam!