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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After 1 year and a half..

I'm finally back in Malaysia! It's just 5.30am here, and i'm already blogging. I can here the subuh azan from a distance right now, something I haven't heard in a while. Two reasons: 1. can't wake up, 2. there's no azan in the first place.. Well, anyway, i'm trying to get rid of my jetlag here. It sure'y wont be much fun being jetlag in Malaysia when you only have less than 3 weeks to spend..huhu..
Well, a little bit about the trip plak.. My flight from Nashville should've been at 7.45, but after getting screwed up by a volenteer on duty, I missed that one and had to settle down with a flight at 8.55. It wasn't that bad actually, coz i would only need to spend 10 hours at LA waiting for the flight back to Malaysia (it could've been 11). There were no other delays through out the trip, which was really good. The flight was rather smooth. Dayana and ashwaq behaved well..hehe..We swicthed seats sometimes. Everyone got a chancec to sit near the window. It's always been the most favorite spot for everyone. We reached KLIA at around 1.15pm and my father was there to pick me up. At times it felt like just another dream, being here in Malaysia and all, it's kinda hard to believe I'm actually here now. Alhamdulillah..
I wanted to upload some pictures of my journey, but then ai realized that I forgot to bring the wayar to connect my camera with the PC. Too bad.. Being me, I always manage to leave something back when I pack my stuff to go places. huhu..
I don't feel like checking my finals results yet. I'll probably wait for another week or two before I log into OAK. Just wanna have fun right now..hehe..
It's so hot right now, I just feel like taking my shirt off all the time. The heat and humid are melting me. I wore 3 layers of clothes back in Nasville, now I don't even want to have one. It's double the temperature we had in Nashville.
I'm going back to terengganu tonight. My flight's at 8.05 pm. I can't wait too see my mom and my other brother and sister. I've only seen Auzaie at the UIA matirx and OMG, did he gain weight! I look my normal skinny self when I'm next to him..hehe.. I mean he wears a 36 size pants. And he's still a bit shorty than me(which is obviously a good thing)..hehe..
Well,ok, it's subuh..Gotta go.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

1 down, 3 to go

I just got back from my Econs test. It was ok, I hope I get at least half of the total points. hehe.. Since I'm taking that course on a pass/fail basis, I don't really mind my grade.
And I just realized that deleting my previous blog wasn't such a good idea after all. Now I have to reset everything, my links and etc. I also lost my precious previous entries..huhu..

Saturday, December 9, 2006

finals,,,finals,,,finals,,,finals,,, balek mesia!!

My finals start this Monday. Econ100. Wednesday is Chem E, Thursday: math, Friday: physics. Saturday morning ill be boarding the flight back to malaysia!!

Friday, December 8, 2006


i just created a new blog. My older one had something wrong with it, and onstead of going over all the fuss to fix it, i decided to just create a new one. I still kept the old URL and background and everything. So, tgk la..klu rajin, i'll be updating it often..