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Friday, June 15, 2007

A repeat of the Cho tragedy?

Innalillah Wa Ina Ilahhi Rajiun.

I just got word from my sister that a former student of my mother was killed two days ago in Egypt when another malay student ran amok.

Muhammad bin Ishak died due to severe injury to the neck, eye and head after being stabbed many times with 3 knives by another Malay student, beleived to be crazy. After being stabbed, Muhammad was able to run to the balcony of his apartment, alerting the arabs in the market below to come to his aid. The arabs arrested the suspect and sent the victim to hospital.
However, due to severe head wounds, he was unable to be saved.

This incident gave me a great sence of deja vu, reminding me of the Virginia Tech trajedy which happened just a few months back. The suspect in this incident was also believed to be suffering
mental problems and was usually left out by other students due to his problems

What grief and sarrow this incident has brought us, especially to the parents. Sending their child away was hard, receiving their jenazah is just unimaginable. Al-fatihah.

A hectic shedule

I'm taking organic chemistry now for my summer session. Yup, as hard as it may seem to swallow, I am indeed an orgo student for the summer. I'm now in my second week of the course. Hooray me!

Here's the overall schedule and what I have to deal with, week in, and week out.

Classes, lectures, starts everyday (Mon-Fri) at 10.10 until 12. Then, I have lab every Tues, Wed, and Thurs, from 1.10 till 5. Test are held on a weekly basis, on Mondays, and quizzes are given out every Tuesday and Friday.

See how hectic my schedule is now? My average day ends at 5 pm. And obviously, once my lab is finished, exhaust will have the better of me, and I'll be too tired to do anything much after that. And the fact that tests are on every Monday means I hardly have a weekend anymore! What a life I have to endure. And adding salt to the wound, I even think my lab TA doesn't even like me come to think of the way he's been treating me over the week. lol!

And the personal problems I've faced during all this? Nah, too much to even start with.

But, luckily, Alhamdulillah, I'm still breathing, and as hard as it may seem, life must go on, accepting all that come my way. Let's just think it as a way of Allah to test me and my shortcomings and hope that a better person would emerge after all this.

I was talking to my father last week and he reminded me of Rasulullah's hadith, "Value five things before five, youth before old age, health before sickness, wealth before poverty, leisure before preoccupation, and life before death." (Tirmizi).

Sure, leisure before preoccupation hits me smack in the face!