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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When Nature Calls

No, this is not about that Ace Ventura movie.

This is about the severe damage and suffering our planet Earth is enduring today.

Earth is of course in it's dying stages now. Just look at all the pollution, all the corruption, and all the natural disasters that cover the headlines of newspapers across the globe, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

With all those forests being burnt to the ground, with all those hazardous chemicals released to the air, with all those oil spills out at sea, with all those junk being wasted and with all those wild life endangered and extinct, earth will eventually, sooner or later, call it a day and say it's had enough. And research proved that it may be sooner, rather than later. Until when will we learn?

I remember my mom quoting something she heard in a lecture about the earth as an old person, forgetting things and what not. Come to think of it, that's a very good analogy. That's why it doesn't 'remember' that big floods naturally and usually happen in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Instead, it hits Johor. That's why it forgot to change weather gradually, instead, it decides to change the weather drastically. Today it may be sunny and all, but tomorrow, it may not. That's why it doesn't remember that earthquakes aren't supposed to happen everywhere, and so frequently too. And that's why it forgot that tsunamis used to be very rare disasters. These are all just some examples of earth as if it were forgetting how things were and used to be.
Thinking about the ozone alone would already give a majority of us a headache. Getting thinner and thinner each day because of radical compounds such as CFC, one would just hold his breath hoping it not to disappear completely. I mean, once the ozone is gone, modern technology is yet to find a way to get it back. We could try pumping huge amounts of O3's in the air, but then again, that would kill us all in the process, so that wouldn't be a great idea. Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant with harmful effects on the respiratory systems. As harmful ozone can be ground -level, take that very same substance and put it in the upper atmosphere, and you get a pure life saver. Ozone occupying that layer protects living organisms by preventing damaging ultraviolet light from reaching the Earth's surface. How great the creation of Allah. But yet, we choose to destroy it.
Nature is calling for our help. It has saved us for millions of years, providing us shelter, and we've gain plenty from it. Give it a hand. Isn't it time for us to help it in return?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Life after the finals

It's been only four days seen I finished my exams and yet, it feels as if weeks have already gone by. Time seems to be crawling by really, really slow. Literally speaking, I can even run faster than time. The reason: there's nothing much to do.

During school days, you would almost always be occupied with work, and there's always a place in your mind thinking about your academic. That's almost about everything that happens. And now that school's over, my mind has been stripped of it's academic thinking and I don't even know what to do anymore.

Sure there's gonna be the anual Midwest games at the end of this month. And after that, the vocally planned trip to New York. But what do I do before that? What do I do before the daily vollyball training I have to endure at 3 pm? My friend previously said that she doesn't have her day planned ahead of her anymore. I couldn't agree more. Mine is basically the same. I'm accepting life as it comes every minute, just taking what ever comes my way.

It's in the human nature to be ungrateful of what they have, and always wanting something else. Once they do get that something else, they would think back and just want back their prvious things. During the semester, I was always wanting a good little break. And now that I have one, I feel a little work would be just fine right now. This nature I mentioned would continue as a cycle and will only stop when man learns to be grateful.