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Friday, October 29, 2010

Reasons Why I think We Shouldn't be Celebrating Halloween

In our nation's bid to become more 'Westernized' (read: night clubs, concerts etc), we are basically copycatting their every move. We are plagiarizing the Westerners. There is no integrity in that. Its almost like when Little Johnny's been copying his friends test answers all afternoon, and when his friend puts down 'I don't know' as an answer to a question he doesn't know, Little Johnny puts down on his, 'Neither do I'.

In one of our latest attempts on plagiarism, he are now adopting Halloween. The talk all over is about the October 31st celebration. Spooky indeed!

Now there are tons of reasons why this beautiful nation of ours shouldn't be celebrating such. Here's some of mine. But first, read a brief description and an article of what Halloween is all about.

Valentine's Day, anyone?

1. It has roots to the Christian holiday All Saint's Day. Now I know some Muslims out there are celebrating.
2. Historically, it was probably from the Celtic festival Samhain/Samuin, which roughly means 'Summer's End'. I don't believe we have such a season here. Adding to that, wearing ghost costumes, the undead, evil spirits etc just doesn't sound right. Again, Muslims, listen.

3. Halloween was brought to the US by Irish immigrants back in the days. That's why they celebrate it over there. Who brought it here? The TV?

After this, to become even more western, we might want to consider celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, the 4th of July, or even Groundhog day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

P90X, Take Two

So I finally got the urge to rejuvenate my long abandoned blog and tell the whole world (any surviving readers, at least) that I'm doing my second round of p90X! Bring it!

I actually started doing the program the first week of October. This time, I got my sister to do it. Hope it works for her as well. The results, if they come out, will be on Jan 2nd. Until then, we'll see were this journey takes us.

Here are my measurements right before I started the program.

Body Fat: 20.32%
Weight: 134lbs
Chest: 31.5'
Waist: 29'
Hips: 36.5'
Thigh: 18/19'
Arm: 12/13

Pictures? Depends on the final results!