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Monday, December 31, 2007

Revealing Aisyah r.a

Aisyah r.a., as we all know, was daughter of Abu- Bakr As- Siddiq r.a., and wife of the great prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Another well known fact is that Aisyah r.a. married the prophet at a tender age of 7 or 9 years old, at which time she was still playing with her dolls. It was also said that Aisyah stayed with her parents until she reached puberty.

However, some people have wrongly interpreted this fact. As Aisyah was still a kid, they accused the prophet as being a pedophile. I myself have encountered with a few of these nonsense accusations, and I must admit, it was quite difficult for me to answer them.

I mean, by merely saying that the prophet married Aisyah because of a revelation from God is not enough, especially to those non believers. A more solid, reason based idea is needed here to justify this act.

And thankfully, I got the answers I was seeking at this year's Muktamar.

In a talk show during the Muktamar, Imam Yahya Hendi, one of the guest speakers, addressed this matter perfectly.

1. It is wrong to associate the 21st century with that of the 6th. Things that might of been accepted then are no longer accepted now. Cultures change drastically over the course of 1500 years. Even in Malaysia, 50 years ago, people used to get married in their early teenage years.

2. It's also wrong to associate the Arab culture with that of the Americans. Things are different over there with what is over here. An Arab guy would kiss each other when they meet. Doing something similar over here in the US, and you'd be called gay.

3. The third argument may be quite debatable. But here goes. There's actually the idea that maybe Aisyah wasn't 7 or 9 years old when she got married to the Prophet. Her actual age may have been 17/19, 27/29 or maybe even 37/39. In some cultures, people refer to big numbers by just saying the first few digits of the number, with the idea that people would understand what the real number is. For instance, a person would refer to a price of a car as twenty- seven instead of twenty-seven thousand. People may have referred to Aisyah's age with 7/9 with the idea people around her during that time would know her true age.

If so, how would you explain the stories of Aisyah playing with the dolls and what not. Waalahua'lam..

Friday, December 14, 2007

50 Top 10 Lists of 2007

May I present, TIME magazine's 50 Top 10 Lists of 2007. The list, ranging from all sorts of categories, from news, arts and entertainment, to pop culture, also included sub-categories which basically covered everything.

Of course I haven't had much chance yet to cover the list, but here is probably one of the most ridiculous videos I've watched. Enjoy:

With that, I'd like to wish all my fellow colleagues all the best in the coming finals and have a wonderful break. I'l be stop blogging for a while.

Until then, sayonara!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am a Muslim!!

Cool video I found while browsing the internet. Check it out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Space Tripping

I just read this on the yahoo front page. Pretty soon, Malaysia would be able to send more space tourist to outer space, to perform more highly complex experiments again. At a more affordable cost, too!

Space Tripping.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


For those that aren't as familiar to Hindraf, here's a bit of a heads up.

HINDRAF- Hindu Rights Action Force

Be as it may, this is roughly what Hindraf have come up with so far:
1. A plan to 'sue the UK Government for US$4 trillion (US$1 million for every Malaysian Indian) for bringing Indians as indentured laborers into Malaya, "exploiting them for 150 years" and thereafter failing to protect the minority Indians' rights in the Federal Consitution when independence was granted'. (They could've made it to Bollywood had it not been for the UK government, you know!!)

2. Since Hindraf members 'could not afford the legal fees required, a petition was circulated with 100,000 signatures to be presented to Queen Elizabeth to appoint a Queen's counsel to argue the case'. (In other words, they want the Queen's help in suing her own government)

3. On Sunday, 25th November 2007, they held a rally to submit the petition at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Armed police and FRU's tried to stop the rally, using water canons and tear gas, Hindraf members replied with Molotov Cocktails. (It's worth noticing that since it was a Sunday, the British Commission was actually closed on that day.)

4. Here's the icing on the cake. May I present, Hindraf memorandum to UK Prime Minister. Oh ya!!

Laugh all you want, but I'm dead serious here! No kidding. These incidents truly happened.

Oh, Hindraf, how you color our world (Malaysia especially)!