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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Perihal Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun

For those interested in reading the ghost story that recently occurred, click here.

Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun is one of I don't know how much bestari schools in Malaysia. A top from that, it's also one of the 54 sekolah berasrama penuh (SBP) under the federal government of Malaysia. It has all the ingredients of a very good school.
Wanna see it's 'official' website? Just click here.


It's really sad come to think that a so called 'bestari' SBP to just have a msn groups thingy as the official website. Where's the bestari yg digempar gemburkan selama ni? Setakat ade 30-50 komputer kat sekolah doesn't make it bestari. I mean, rata2 budak2 tau gune kom ntuk main game and chatting je.

Budak2 yg terer komputer lebih skit drp org lain plak terus pikir like thy're on top of the world, berlagak poyo sume. I recalled this group of students in school dulu who call themselves the 'Briged bestari'. Kinda funny.

Well, anyway, back to pasal website smsd ni..huhu.. dah la pakai groups, only god knows when it was last updated. It's already the middle of the second month of schooling, and I don't see any thing different since I opened it a few months back. Not a single news about the school's acheivment (except the 2005 SPM and PMR results)through out last year. Nak harapkan ade gambar lagi la. User friendly? That's totally out of the picture. Frankly speaking, the website's had microimprovements since 2000, and I bet 'ya that nobody could see the difference between that time period.

I'm not really the type of guy that goes about criticizing things. But this is way beyond the limit. We were even promised a 'laman web sendiri yang terbaru dan canggih dalam 2/3 bulan lagi'. That was posted on the website on 9/8/2005. Ya I'm waiting.
I don't know what the 'guru cyber' and his team of 'briged bestari' are doing, but seems to me, not much. OK, the guru cyber ada lah ajar a few computer classes. But with all his assistants, he should have ample time and work force to at least update the website.
Here in the US, almost everything has it's own official website. Restoran2 cikai pun ade website sendiri. And better, bnyk yg boleh order online je. Even my x-elementary school's website is much better.

I'm not asking for a state-of-the-art website or anything, but at least let there be monthly updates. Biarlah nampak usaha untuk majukan skit website sekolah.

SMSD was officially a sekolah bestari in the year 2000 (the year I entered). They even made us wear blazers kononnye nak bagi nampak ke'bestari'an tuh..haha..I don't know where's the sense in that. Kalau betul2 nak bagi title bestari tuh, the schools should live up to expectations. There's more to bestari than wearing blazers to school and having computers.


beth said...

OKAY CRAP the super long comment I wrote like totally dissappeared!!!!


ANyways. I was saying, ah.. the classic school website.. I dont even bother to check anymore cause i seriously dont see the point.

and the briged bestari? my bro and I call them the ultimate geek. Like gosh, how more stereotypical can you get? What, you win a few competitions and suddenly you have to dress up all geeky and your face has to be splattered all over the school mag?WHich, by the way, was so badly published!!!(last year's one that is)

sorry to get all emo but it's really frustrating you know.sigh*

Hubab Al Munzir Asmawi said...

ya, i have last year's. it was very2 bad.

Anonymous said...


ni mst u all tulis zaman dlu2 kn..xpe,,akg kite dh ade website sndiri..
x baek kutuk2 x tlg nk imrovekan..
klu dlu,tlg suggestkan ckgu suh wat website kan ok je..
korang xkan xtau yg smsd mmg serba kekurangan??
nk wat caner..psl komputer tu..bjnnye kite yg kne beli..tu atas peruntukan ar..
korang yg dh kuar skolah ni xnk plak wat pape..cari sponsor ke ape ke..
k la..

semesdian 2008..

hafidz152.. said...

yeah2 u r totally true!!! but dude, dis is da "new" website 4 smsd

but still kinda "classical" compared to other sbp's website..

bestari skwl?? nayy, it just name.. nowadays, we got 4 room wif computer lab.. and insya-allah nexr yr, bilik prep blok A tambah satu lgi jdi lab comp. bru.. but den bro, nk gne pun susah.. even we redaxians, blik murni just beside comp. lab.. procedure nk gne tue mak oii.. siot betul!! so many security measures...

briged bestari, huh?? one word is enough already, "hampeh"... bknnye terer sgt.. cuma tau lbih sket je.. tu pn dh abis manggak...
but most school hackers didn't born from briged bestari.. hahaha.. kinda funny, wen I recall the time when my fren spread some kind of virus into skwl computer, break the firewall, broke into admins id.. isis.. decoding... hahaha.. kecoh "ict's freaks" hahahaahaha... it took about a week for the "ict board/briged bestari" to track down the hacker.. hahaahaha, at last kantoi.. tpi x dpt gk orgny, sempat cabut lari, sblm abg zam n cg zzali smpai kat bilik.... smpai skrg, dua org mnusia tu xthu sape hacker tu hahaha.. cian betul.. briged bestari?? huh?? xleh buat ape gk...


Anonymous said...

u guys r fuck'd.. seriously.. get a life!!

Hubab Al Munzir Asmawi said...

salam. it's been a while since I opened this post and I must say I'm quite surprised that there were newer comments.

to semesdian 08,
if you read thoroughly of what i said, you would notice that i ask that the website school be updated frequently. And since I am out of school, there is so much I can do in helping to update about the

but it's good to see that the current website is being updated frequently. Good job!

to hafidz,
now i never asked for somebody to go hack into the system. why do something as harmful and disrespectful just to show you can? but ya, i agree with that briged bestari crap.

Second anonymous,
why don't you get one?

hariz said... comment

Anonymous said...

Hi! SMSD mmg tk nmpak kebestarian kalau kita sendiri ((pljar SMSD)) tak ubah. Klau setkat kutuk mengeluh take guna jgak. Well mmg post ni dah lama tapi saya komen ni untuk semua org yg hanya fikirkan SMSD skolah kolot skolah take apa2. Secara peribadi. 1st time saya daftar mmg expectation saya tntang SMSD teruk. Dengan asrama yang lama, komputer setengah je boleh connect wifi pendek kata bnyak benda yg tak mnampkkan SMSD ni sklh sbp. Dulu saya fikir betul ke ni sklh sbp? Result down pljar2 macam budak harian biasa. Orang luar pun pndang SMSD setaraf dgan smktiz. Kita marah, malu kalau org ckap sklh kita merosot blablabla tapi klau sekadar marah malu tanpa buat apa2, takde guna la. Sama la situation kita dengan org dlam bekas banduan. Org rmai mesti fikir bekas banduan mesti jahat even bekas banduan. Dan kita hanya rasa malu marah tanpa buat apa2 yang boleh tukar pereepsi org trhdap kita. Mmg la susah tapi kalau kita cari jlan berusaha insya Allah kita pun mmpu setnding dgan sbp sch yng lain.