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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Wrong with the World, Mama?

People living like they ain't got no mama....

And so the Black Eyed Peas hit goes.. And rightly so, as this is what is happening in the real world today.

On March 27, 8 year old Sandra Cantu went missing from her home in Tracy, a city 60 miles of San Fransisco.

Ten days later, farm workers draining an irrigation pond found a suitcase containing the victims body. Evidence also suggested that the victim was also molested and raped before her murder.

And the suspect?

You would never of guessed her. Yup, a her. A 28 year old volunteer Sunday school teacher at a Baptist Church, by the name of Melissa Huckaby. She was arrested on suspect of the killing after hours of interrogation by police.

How could somebody do such a gruesome crime on such a sweet little thing?

Ironically, given the fact that the accused was actually quite a religious person, no one blamed Christianity to have to do with it. Immediately after the killing of Aasiya Zubair Hassan by her husband, TV mogul Muzzammil Hasan, people all around were relating the murder as if it was an act of 'honor killing' in Islam.

Now that's not right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Is Out!!

....And as it turned out, it's a big disappointment.

The movie was released April 8, and surprisingly, I noticed no commercials on TV advertising it. IMDB users gave the movie a 3.2 rating, while users on Yahoo shared basically the same feelings. Some even claimed the screen play as a step back for the dragonball franchise.

Basically, from what I've read, the film lacked a strong storyline, that things happened without a proper explanation. The visuals and graphic were said to be cheap, and the plot deviated so far from the original dragonball manga. For instance, Goku never went to high school, and most importantly, there was no Kurin/Krillin, Goku's best friend. And the actors, albeit being considerably good actors, gave lacklustre performances. Let's make it simple, the movie was plain dumb boring.

And to say I waited 5 years for this movie. What a bummer. Let's hope for a better sequel.

My 10 cents on the New Parliment

This may be a bit late. I have been quite in the dark regarding politics in Malaysia for some time now. Nothing near to the almost daily updates come PRU 12 last year. But well, here goes.

So sometime last week, our new esteemed PM, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak announced his newly elected cabinet members. And here it is.

There's not much for me to say right now, because as I mentioned earlier, this whole thing is still a bit a blur to me, but what's obvious is that a couple of senators were elected as Ministers, and a few more as deputy ministers.

And so I sense a bit of a disrupt among the BN ranks with the announcement of the new cabinet. Some claim the allocation of the ministers weren't fair, that there were not enough of their party's representative in the cabinet, and what not. Read from BH. There's nothing new with this. It's always as usual. Once a new PM rises, they rid of the old guys people, and instill some of their own. It's called cronyism. What's new with that?

Oh, I smell rotten fish!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Very, very last and final stand

I know I said it before in a post during the start of this semester that this will be my last stand. But now, with less than a month of classes to go, this is really, really, and finally, my very last stand. I can't stress that enough.

I've been waiting for almost 4 years now to get my degree. So what's that compared to the three weeks or so until I finish class? It's everything! The anticipation, excitement, and joy of finally about to hold a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering is just too much to bare. To top that, I still have another week or so to go after finishing class until my commencement.

But then again comes the despairing and dismaying fact that I'll be leaving Vandy for good. Haih.. Now that's something I'm gonna surely miss. But heck, life moves on, and it stops for no one.

Pray that all goes well insyaAllah. To my fellow seniors, all 21 of them, good luck!