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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heroes of Hollywood vs heroes of real life

There's a big difference between the two.

You see, heroes of Hollywood are always handsome, young, strong men. In real life, heroes can range from people 76 years of age, to men in their early 20s. And they don't have to be handsome too.

Heroes of Hollywood hardly die at the end of the show. There's probably only a handful of those who did. These Hollywood action movie figures can duck under bullets, run through burning buildings, escape explosions, fight 10 people at one time (and win also), and so, so much more. In real life, most heroes don't live to see their success, and dodging bullets? - don't be kidding me!

And of course, at the end of the show, Hollywood heroes always end up with a beautiful girlfriend. In real life? Nah!

As we mourn the death of the 32 innocent people who died in Monday's Virginia Tech Massacre, we should honor and never forget those who died as heroes that day.

Waleed Shaalan. On the day of the shooting, Allahyarham was sitting in the front row of the lecture room when the gunman, Cho Seung-Hui, entered and opened fire. Br. Waleed was wounded from a shot and laid beside another student who was not shot, but played dead. The gunman re-entered the classroom for the second time to check for survivors. Upon approaching the unshot student, Waleed purposely made a movement to distract Cho and was shot a second time and died. The student believed that Br. Shaalan purposefully distracted the shooter to save him. May Allah bless him, place him with those who died shaheed and grant him eternal peace in Jannah. Ameen.

Professor Liviu Librescu. The professor threw himself in front of the shooter and shouted for his students to run. He was able to prevent the gunman from entering the classroom until his students had escaped through the windows. Librescu was struck 5 times. Many of his students claimed that their lives were saved because of him.

Both were very courageous men. They died so others could breathe another day. They did what others wouldn't even imagine of doing. These men, died as true heroes.

It may seem too much a movie. Like one of those Hollywood action movies you watch on television. But no, these incidents truly happened. And two men did die as heroes. After all, this is America. Things of similar situations happen every once in a while. Even Vandy has had it's share of crime. Shootings, rape, theft, and robbery. This is just what makes America, America.

In loving remembrance of brother Waleed Shaalan who died courageously. Ina Lillahi wa ina Ilayhi rajeoon. We ask Allah to forgive Waleed all his sins and grant him paradise. Ameen.

Please donate to support the family of Br. Waleed Shaalan at:

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Blog About Blogs

I've been in Nashville for two years now (well, almost). And if it's one thing that I find almost every overseas based Malaysian student have in common is the fact that they have blogs. Including me.

Now we may have blogs for different reasons, and for some, probably even had them back in Malaysia. I had mine here in Nashville over a year ago. My father was the one who encouraged me to start one. He told me that it would enhance my English skills. And true enough, I do feel that I'm getting better and better over time. Bukan nak perasan di sini yer, so don't get me wrong.

Here's the deal. When you blog, you would of course want to write things that others would care to read about, which are interesting things, to start with. What's the point of writing if there's no one to share it with? (That's unless you want to keep a personal, diary like blog.)

To know what people want to read, you yourself have to start reading. That's where the education process starts. But then again, reading alone won't do you much good if you don't act upon of what you've learnt. 'Ilmu tanpa amal ibarat pohon rendang tanpa buah,' that's a quote I've heard of the years, or it goes somewhat of that manner. So why not blog what you've learnt? Not only can you exercise your thoughts and knowledge, you can share it with others. And the fun part is when you can add your own spice to it. And it really is fun, no kidding!

So, if blogging is really this good, why not everyone blog? I don't know about you guys, but most of my friends in Malaysia just don't blog. Why is that the case? Shouldn't they be learning English to? What better way is there to make you read tons, practice what you've read, twist it to your flavour and then share it with others, other than by blogging? Well, I don't know.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Giving free condoms? -What next, my beloved Malaysia?

I love Malaysia, really, no kidding. I was born there, spent more than half my life there and my family and friends are there. So, there shouldn't be much doubt of my love for this country.

The government of Malaysia? Me no like!! They've done many things which I think aren't appropriate and not for the good of the country.

I wass shocked when I read the news about the idea of giving away free condoms to drug addicts.

'PROGRAM kerajaan memberi jarum suntikan dan kondom percuma kepada penagih berniat ikhlas membendung penularan penyakit berjangkit seperti HIV/Aids dan tidak wajar dituduh sebagai amalan bersubahat menghalalkan perlakuan zina. '

You make me laugh! There's lots of ways to prevent HIV from spreading. And you don't have to go to the extent of distributing free condoms. You give away free condoms, and they'll give you a whole new dimension of social problems.

And then, if HIV just don't stop spreading, what's next in line?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Nashville's Bizarre weather

It was sunny, hot and all three days ago. The temperature was always in the 20's. It's been that way for about of month. I mean, what would you expect, being in Nashville in the middle of spring. What other weather would there be this time around?

But then, there was this tornado warning two nights ago and everything just changed after that. All of a sudden, it was as if it was winter again. People where pulling their jackets again, wearing gloves, and having scarves around their necks. And things really got off the hook when it started to snow today! April = snow? The equation doesn't really go, well at least at this part of the world.

So what's gone wrong with the world?