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Friday, September 30, 2011

What Grinds My Gear (1)

With Syawal finally over, my first two 'What Grind's My Gear'(s) would be about the raya celebration here in Malaysia.

What really grinds my gear is all the sad, depressing raya songs they play over and over again on the radio/tv. Is that even necessary? How many people out there are actually sad during raya? But a few I would suppose. Eid was supposed to be a day of joy and rejoice, after a month of fasting.

"Everyone else is out praying, but here am I, all alone, mending my broken heart,"
said one of the very rare sad guys during eid.
Since when did it become a day to be sad? Did hipsters have a thing to do with this? LOL. The only possible reason to be sad is because Ramadhan has just passed, and you don't know whether or not you'll make it to next year's (and sad for missing out a day(s) of fasting is also acceptable). But these songs have got nothing to do with that. The songs are always about not being able to balek kampung, being sorry for past mistakes (you had a whole month of Ramadhan for that!) and the 'coup de grace' of all sadness, breaking up with your partner. I mean really? Who would break up during eid.  

That really grinds my gear.

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