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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rides to Scream for

Before I begin, let's get things straight. I am not a roller coaster guy. I'm not too fond of heights to say the least. Me and heights just don't go along well I guess.

Well anyway, I decided to spend last Saturday at Six Flags Over Georgia with the MSA. It was Muslim Family Day over there and I felt it would be a very nice experience to join in the fun. After all, the last I've been to Six Flags was a good 12 years ago. It's been a while. And no roller coaster rides for me back then.

But at 21 years old, you don't pay 25 bucks to go on the kiddy rides! So from the 6 rides we took, 4 were roller coasters.

Our first one, which we initially saw it as a warm up ride (the coaster seemed decent from afar), turned out to be not much of a warm up after all. The Mind Bender was actually the first triple loop coaster in America!

Then we took on Batman. I remember Abah riding that one over at Six Flags Great Adventure last time, and boy was he terrified. Lol. So now it was my turn. Basically you just hang on the coaster via the supporting at your chest, with your feet dangling in the air. And it sure was a blast.

Next up (after lunch) we rode 2 water rides, the Thunder River and Splash Water Falls. The former was similar to the Congo Rapids we rode over at Great Adventure, while Splash water falls was a real splash. We were soaked!

Then came the ultimate rides. As they say, save the best for last, and that was exactly what we did. First was Superman: The Ultimate Flight. You plunge face first through loops, swrils, and turns. Just look at it's affect on us! It was truely an almost flying experience!

Then the cream on the crop was Goliath. Just by its name, you know for sure its big. And it surely was. Standing at 200 feet and at a maximum speed of 70 mph, you can't ask for more. Just look at it:

And it's affect? Well, look for yourself.

Roller coaster rides seem to be an addiction. Once you've been on one, you want another. You just dare yourself for the extreme! For more photos of the trip, visit MSA flickr.

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